Re-entering the Blogging World

I knew it before I even started. Four posts in March 2011 and then nothing until now.┬áCommitment┬áto any journaling for any length of time has been near impossible for me. I don’t fully understand why, I love documenting life happenings in pictures, saved ticket stubs, scrapbook pages, etc. When it come to the written word, I falter.

Falter: to walk unsteadily, to give way, to move waveringly or hesitatingly. To speak brokenly or weakly, to hesitate in purpose or action, to lose drive or effectiveness.

Since March of 2011, I have added some wonderful new friends and family to my life, said goodbye for now and till we meet again, cleaned dirt from my hands but enjoyed the fruits and vegetables that put it there, began piecing fabric to fabric to create blankets of color and warmth, took pictures and deleted pictures, traveled by car, plane, foot and imagination, sat underneath the moonlight with goddesses, dreamed while sleeping and waking and so much more.

Since my last post I have remained balanced, faltering in some areas but remaining resolute were it counts.

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