The Ocean Knitting with beads Tomato Seedling!
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Re-entering the Blogging World

I knew it before I even started. Four posts in March 2011 and then nothing until now.┬áCommitment┬áto any journaling for any length of time has been near impossible for me. I don’t fully understand why, I love documenting life happenings in pictures, saved ticket stubs, scrapbook pages, etc. When it come to the written word, […]


The Ocean

On Friday, March 11th, I awoke up excited for the day and weekend, a Oregon coast trip had been planned in honor of some dear friends turning another year older. Then the morning headlines: Japan earthquake and tsunami, tsunami warnings across the Pacific Then the videos and images: devastation, loss, shaking, there and then not […]


Knitting with beads

I love starting new projects! While checking out a new knit shop in town, Tangled Purl, I found the Churchmouse Classics, Lace-back Fingerless gloves pattern and had to give it a try. (I still had my first knitted sock and baby blanket projects unfinished at home) I never thought about adding bead work to knitting […]


Tomato Seedling!

On Saturday, March 5th, my friend Jessica and I potted up some tomato and pepper seeds. Yesterday the first few sprouts appeared and this morning almost all of the tomato cells have sprouts. YAY! I began to notice a white fungus beginning to grow in some cells on the 6th. I looked online and thought […]

Entering the blog world

Hello blog world! I’ve started, finished and stalled many creative projects over the years. In an effort to continue on with the stalled and celebrate their completion and venture into the world of the new, I have created this place. I hope to include pictures and words of our journey. Enjoy : )   PS: […]